Product compatibility: how to get the most from food

We can not overestimate the role of nutrition in the life of a bodybuilder. But it is equally important how to combine the products so that they bring the maximum benefit.

Concentrated proteins

Concentrated proteins

  1. These include meat, fish, eggs, for digestion require a large amount of acid, so do not drink this food with water.

2. Protein is better absorbed with vegetables, so eat meat and fish with salads.

3. Plan your next meal no earlier than in 3-4 hours. So much time is required for proteins to digest.

Complex carbohydrates

  1. These include pasta, cereals, potatoes, bread, digested in an alkaline medium. They are well absorbed if you do not mix them with protein foods.

2. On the absorption of carbohydrates will take 1.5-2 hours.

3. Do not drink down the food. Drink water, tea or juice should be no earlier than half an hour after a meal.


  1. In a balanced diet, they play the role of a substitute for sweets, and also serve as a source of fast carbohydrates, it is also better to use separately.

2. You can mix together fruits that belong to the group of sweets (dates, figs, bananas, dried fruits), you can also combine them with dairy products, for example with cottage cheese. Half-acid fruits such as apples, peaches, pears, grapes, mango can be mixed with each other, it is not desirable to supplement with dairy products.

3. Take the main food should be no earlier than half an hour after the fruit.


  1. They are well combined with proteins, but they should not be mixed with fruit.

2. Do not mix vegetables with milk.

3. Complicated vegetables, such as cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, are combined with products containing starch and other vegetables. With concentrated protein and fruit are not combined.


Now you understand that a steak with potatoes is not exactly what you need. To put it mildly. But if you first eat a couple of potatoes with cauliflower, and after an hour and a half meat with cucumbers and tomatoes – you will get into the top ten. Make conclusions and amend your diet!

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