Instead of buying energy, go to the pharmacy

1). Tincture eleutherococcus – 30 rubles in any pharmacy, enough for 4 sessions (on average). Take in accordance with the instructions. 
2). Ginseng in granules (the price is also about 30 rubles). 5 pieces in the mouth, if you need to be vigorous for three hours, 10 pieces are enough for 5 hours, from 15 to 20 – so that the brain “after yesterday’s” started up. 
3). green tea + 1 lemon slice + 1 teaspoon honey. Good invigorates. Enough for 2 hours. At the same time relieves nervous tension. It helps very well before exams, important interviews, etc. 
4). two tablets of caffeine and one tablespoon of tincture of magnolia vine, dilute it in warm water. the burst of energy was extraordinary.

Instead of buying energy

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