What is Flexible Dieting and what does it eat?

Flexible Dieting (hereinafter referred to as FD) is the style of a diet based on the understanding that the human body needs a certain amount of calories to support all vital processes.

This is a logical and very simple system, which very much facilitates life and gives excellent results – even better than satisfying the traditional diets of 5-6 products (the so-called “clean” diet with “clean” products).

One of the most famous athletes from the US using FD is Matt Ogus. He and thousands of people have already changed their body using this style of food.

What is the meaning of this diet? In that the athlete has no restrictions on the choice of food products. He can eat any products, in which they are sure of the caloric content and chemical composition.

Organism in most cases there is no difference from what products are supplied to the blood proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Callory has a calorie. People grow fat and lose weight not because of certain products, but because of the deficit and the progenitor of calories.

How to determine the deficit / surplus of calories in your diet? First, you need to start counting calories (how to count the calories you can learn in the same article of this group). It is necessary to calculate, with what count of calories (from all products, except vegetables), you do not lose or gain weight. This number of calories is called maintenance calories. With this, we will begin our diet.

Let’s return to Flexible Dieting. Once you have determined at which count of calories your weight is stable, you can start eating every day eating this amount of calories. The meaning of the diet is that you can recruit these calories from ANY PRODUCT. Do not limit yourself to rice, oatmeal and chicken breasts. You can eat sweet, floury, etc. If you do not overeat your maintenance calories, you will not gain weight.

The first trick is that you need to EARLY KNOW the caloric content of your products. If the packaging does not write calorie, it is better not to eat this product and buy an alternative where the caloric content is indicated.

The second catch is that smart-ass spartzmen will not be able to eat sweet all day with this diet – as usually these products contain a very large amount of fat, and in the diet of an athlete fat should not be much.

The third trick is that you still have to eat healthy food, since without vitamins in a diet you will very quickly feel their absence.

We need to eat healthy food, which can be easily added with a delicious dessert that fits into the overall caloric content of BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). This will not hurt your progress if you eat enough healthy food, and even help, because psychologically you are not on a diet and you have unlimited food choices. In time, you will notice that you no longer so much want sweet and floury because of the consistency of these foods in the diet.

So, what do we have? FD is the style of a diet that requires a calorie count to control body weight, but which allows an unlimited amount of products, provided they know their chemical composition. If the product fits into your BZU – it can be used. Of course, the advantage in the diet should be in foods that have useful nutritional properties, but you should clearly know that you can eat ice cream, pizza, flour and successfully burn fat.

Forget about diets! They do not work. Just do it.
proper nutrition and sport part of your life!
Health and success to you!

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