Take carbohydrate only at night before bed

Carbohydrates are considered the most dangerous elements of nutrition. Are they really harmful, and do they acquire a special danger if they are used before bedtime?

From the point of view of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, carbohydrates are considered to be the initiators of weight gain, especially if used before bedtime. The basic rule of nutrition says that carbohydrates should be consumed before sunset, which will help keep the waist thin and prevent the formation of fat deposits in the middle part of the abdomen. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are an important part of any diet, but is carbohydrate consumption at bedtime leading to an increase in scales?

In most cases, the common fear of carbohydrates comes from misconceptions about them. Nate Miyaki, author of “Intermittent Feast”, believes that carbohydrates can be beneficial or harmful, depending on the situation. “Carbohydrates help us recover from tension, anaerobic activity, but they also” help “us to grow fat during periods of reduced activity. Everything depends on the activity. ” To put it more simply, athletes who conduct high-intensity workouts consume glycogen reserves and they need to restore these reserves in order to achieve the optimal state. In other situations, the body has sufficient carbohydrate reserves and, as a result, there is no need for additional intake of carbohydrates. Miyake compares carbohydrate intake and car fueling: “If the car is in the garage, it does not need fuel. Excessive use of sugar is like trying to fill a full tank. The fuel will simply overflow. In the human body, this “overflow” enters the bloodstream and helps create excess fat reserves. “

It is this energy balance that is potentially responsible for consumed carbohydrates, resulting in a night gain in weight. But at the same time, night spree in this plan does not cause harm, because you continue to expend energy. The problem is that too many overeat during the day, and at night these surpluses replenish fat stores. According to Miyake, “consuming too many calories and carbohydrates as a whole creates problems with weight.” In fact, only one study, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, demonstrated that eating carbohydrates before bedtime helps to sleep better at night – this is important for those who have trouble sleeping. Instead of paying attention to the time of day, it is better to focus your attention on the total amount of carbohydrates consumed and bring it into line with age, weight,

Carbohydrates consumed in the evening do not become particularly harmful.

Consuming an excess amount of carbohydrates at any time of the day can lead to weight gain and unwanted changes in body proportions.

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