Protein or Gainer – what is better for gaining weight

What is protein? better way for gaining weight.

That is, protein is a sports nutrition, where the main constituent is protein. As a rule, this is 70% – 90% of the composition.

Gainer (energy) is a protein-carbohydrate mixture. Here, the figures can vary greatly from 10% / 80% in favor of

carbohydrates to 45% / 45% (on average, in the herder, the amount of proteins and carbohydrates is 85% – 90%).

Everyone knows that a protein is necessary to gain weight. This is a building material for muscles. But to restore energy in the muscles they need carbohydrates. And without proper restoration there will be no muscle growth. In other words, until the muscles after the next exercise will fill up the energy reserve (glycogen) – they will not grow. Even if you have protein in the diet will be more than enough.

Thus, for the growth of muscle mass, proteins and carbohydrates are equally necessary. If you buy protein, then there is a risk that carbohydrates may not be enough. And vice versa. If you consume almost one carbohydrate, you may not have enough protein.

On the one hand, the need for carbohydrates in humans in general and in athletes in particular is 3 to 4 times higher than in proteins. On the other hand, getting enough carbohydrates with regular meals is easier than protein.

Based on the foregoing, I recommend buying for a better set of muscle mass gainers with a percentage of protein and carbohydrates close to 35% / 55% in favor of carbohydrates.


The reasons for the slow set of muscle mass can be covered not only in the lack of proteins, but also in the lack of carbohydrates. Consuming only protein or only carbohydrates, it is difficult to build muscle. Therefore, it is necessary to combine proteins and gains, or choose high-protein gainers.

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