How to increase metabolism and make fat burning recipe?

Increase metabolism and accelerate fat burning can be very easy! The recipe is

Accelerate for burning recipe


– two liters of cleaned water (no gas and no mineral impurities, just pure water)
– grated ginger in the amount of one teaspoon
– one fresh cucumber
– the same number of lemons
– twelve sheets of fresh mint

To prepare this fat burner yourself, a lot of effort will not be required. Prepare some ingredients: cucumber peel off (if you buy cucumbers in winter, cut the layer thicker, if you buy locally grown cucumbers in summer or take your own, you can cut a very thin layer) and then cut into thin slices.

Lemon is also cut in circles. Cut everything thinly, so in a short time the products will have time to give the drink a maximum of useful substances. To make a fat burner at home, just put all the ingredients together, put in the refrigerator for one night.

It turns out quite tasty, refreshing drink, which speeds up the exchange pro …

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