Drink water to lose weight!

Drink water to lose weight!

The faster the car rushes, the higher the fuel consumption. The same with a person. The higher our metabolic rate, the more energy we need, the more we “burn” the subcutaneous fat.

So, water is a natural regulator of metabolic rate.

At the first, still very weak, signs of thirst, metabolism slows down by 2% at once. It would seem that little, but it is enough to reduce physical strength. The truth is already 10%. But a couple of glasses of water accelerates metabolism by 30%. In fact, water is the main vital element for man. Our body consists of water and constantly consumes it. It follows that we should drink regularly. Otherwise, the body’s work will go wrong.

By the way, a stomach full of water lowers appetite and vice versa: thirst provokes hunger. Between meals regularly drink at least 2 glasses of water. This will reduce the consumption of calories by 10-15%.

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