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Take carbohydrate only at night before bed

Carbohydrates are considered the most dangerous elements of nutrition. Are they really harmful, and do they acquire a special danger if they are used before bedtime? From the point of view of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, carbohydrates are considered to be the initiators of weight gain, especially if used before bedtime. The basic rule of nutrition says that carbohydrates …

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How to strengthen the blood vessels?

Weakening, depletion of blood vessels leads to a violation of blood circulation and metabolism, the emergence of many diseases. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the vessels at a young age to prevent trouble in the future. And, first of all, you should take care of strengthening the vessels – increasing their tone. Factors leading to vasoconstriction …

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Drink water to lose weight!

Drink water to lose weight! The faster the car rushes, the higher the fuel consumption. The same with a person. The higher our metabolic rate, the more energy we need, the more we “burn” the subcutaneous fat. So, water is a natural regulator of metabolic rate. At the first, still very weak, signs of thirst, metabolism slows down by 2% …

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